On January 18th, 2012, the Linux for Christians website will participate in the SOPA protest. Normal activity will resume on the 19th.

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One Response to SOPA PROTEST

  1. linuxLovingChristian says:

    Thank you for the great site. I stumbled upon it today when I did a Google search for “Linux Christian”. My best friend and I started a petition on to get the federal government of the US to pay more attention to Linux and open source and to use Free Software as one means of lowering our national debt. The petition has gone viral on (Over 600 votes).

    Please tell your site members, church members, family, and friends to view the petition and SIGN it without delay!!! We want to send the White House a powerful message. We must get 25,000 signatures by Feb 28h for the President to see the petition. We want to blow that number away: we are shooting for 250,000 sigs by Feb 28th!!!! That way, there is no way that the administration can ignore us.

    You can help us in two ways:
    – 1. Reddit has millions of visitors every day. We want to get the news of the petition to the very top of Reddit’s homepage. This will take thousands of votes. Please vote on the thread here (you will need to register for Reddit to do so):
    – 2. SIGN THE PETITION: You will need to register for and sign here:!/petition/lower-national-debt-expanding-governments-use-free-software-such-gnulinux-and-libreoffice/jkLbwPDC

    Thank you!!!!

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